It's been almost 2 years since we've run a promotion and we've decided it's high time to show you our appreciation for your support! Ricardo's Massage and Bodywork is pleased to announce not only a super special value package option deal, but also a chance to win a Relax and Renew Gift Basket worth more than $500! The basket is perfect for Mother's Day or just to treat yourself or that special someone who could use a little extra spa-like treatment.

 Here are the details:

From now until April 26, 2015 you have the following value package options:

3  60-minute massages for $180

5  60-minute massages for $250


10  60-minute massages for $450 

These prices reflect an approximate 30% savings (just in time for tax season)!!

On top of this, you will be entered to win the gift basket, which Ricardo will draw for on Friday, May 1. As an added incentive, you will be given an extra chance to win for each package increment you purchase. For example, if you buy the 3-massage package, you'll receive one chance to win. If you purchase the 5-pack, you'll get two chances to win, and if you purchase the 10-pack, you'll receive three chances to win. 

What's in this gift basket anyway?

* a "pay it forward" gift certificate for a massage to only be given to someone who has never received one from Ricardo's Massage and Bodywork...

and much, much more!

Ricardo is also offering two additional chances to win. He will also be drawing for:

* One free 60-minute massage (to be used at your discretion)
* A fitness package: one workout video, a self-massage tool and a free introduction personal training session with Ricardo, who is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer.

Purchase your package now!

Be Pain-Free!

Welcome to Ricardo's Massage & Bodywork! Chances are that life circumstances such as pain and stress brought you here. If so, thank you for trusting me with this next part of your journey to optimum health and wellness. 
Our inactive lifestyles, combined with work and car accidents, sports injuries, the effects of aging and even emotional distress, all contribute to a less than ideal physical expression. It doesn't have to be that way! During my many years and hours (12,000+) of massage and bodywork I have witnessed many "myofascial miracles" take place. I look forward to the opportunity to address your special needs one on one. 

Whatever brings you here, know that my highest intention is to support you fully as you work to relieve stress and chronic pain and get back to a vibrant life filled with adventure, fun, movement and other high vibration activities that feed your mind, body and soul. If you're already feeling great--fantastic! Let's start a maintenance plan that keeps it that way. 

Massage is NOT a Luxury; it's Critical to Health