The session room at Ricardo's Massage & Bodywork
"If you have ever been injured or are stiff from hours in front of a computer, consider treating yourself to a massage from Ricardo. Ricardo is a premium body worker--he has studied multiple traditions of bodywork from other cultures and intuitively chooses the best approach for your body.

"I've experienced bodywork like Ricardo's in the Bay Area, but didn't find it on the East Coast, where I resorted to physical therapy. I've been seeing Ricardo for about 6 months, and he has given me some of the benefits of physical therapy--improved circulation, better flexibility, increased range of motion, better posture-- but I also feel relaxed, energized, and encouraged. He is very professional and respectful, and his rates are reasonable. I wish I'd found him before I tried the "name" spas who gave me less expert, less pleasant, and more expensive massages." -- Mary Beth

"I came to Ricardo following the advice of an Occupational Therapist with a powerful reputation in San Diego.  He said that over the course of 25 years, he had come across more than thirty massage therapists, and that Ricardo was the best that there is.  

"Over decades of working eighteen hour days, I came to Ricardo, with dimminshed energy, high blood pressure and increasing physical problems. After seeing Ricardo for one month, my blood pressure had dropped 20 points. I feel immeasurably better, and my mind has been able to rest.

"Ricardo is passionate, and when he is not with his family, he is studying to learn more. He is intuitive and integrates the fields he discusses ... swedish massage, sports massage, orthopedic massage, neuromuscular deep tissue and myofacial structural techniques, chinese medical body work, Tui Na, Shiatsu, martial arts ... etc. all of them. They are all brought forward to help his clients.  He is a friendly, happy, man who listens." --Richard

"I get a lot of massages on a regular basis and I am a student of the body, so I know how things work.
 I have never been to any massage therapist who intuitively gets it like Ricardo does. He pulls from a wide variety of techniques to customize a massage specifically for YOUR needs on that day. He can do it all--and has developed his own style and system that will transform your pain.

"I can't recommend him enough. His skill, presence, knowledge, compassion....he's the real deal. Check him out, you won't be disappointed." - Joy

"Ricardo is amazing. Great bodyworker.
 I've never had anyone be able to really get at my hamstrings and leg muscles and he did the trick." - Jennifer

"Prepare for brilliance...  this is the best body work I've had in my life."  That's what my sister said as she left her massage with Ricardo and I was going in for mine.  

"Our family just spent 10 days in San Diego and Ricardo came regularly to work on all of us:  from grandmother, parents and all siblings.  My grandmother can turn her head full from side to side now, my mom feels lighter, stronger and more energetic.  And I am sitting straighter with my shoulders pushed back.  Plus... each massage was a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

"If you're looking for deep massage and body work, this is your man. 
 He is an incredible, intuitive healer with a kind, gentle spirit.  I wish I lived in San Diego just so I could get regular massage work with Ricardo." - Ritu

"I went to Ricardo on the recommendation from a friend who is a massage fanatic due to problems with his back.  This was my first massage so I was apprehensive about the whole thing, but from the moment I walked in Ricardo made the entire experience a comfortable and enjoyable one!

"Ricardo gave me a small tour  and then spent just a few minutes talking to me about what I was looking for (deep tissue, lower back, etc).  He even asked what kind of music I preferred (I decided to stick with what he was playing, because it was soothing and I was after all looking for the full experience of a massage).  Once he started on my back, I lost track of time. . . . .

"I swear he set the clock ahead when I wasn't looking, because that hour flew by, but when I checked my phone, it was indeed an hour, haha!  And what an hour it was . . . . I walked out of there feeling high (not that i would know about that), and completely relaxed and at ease.

"I truly didn't believe my lower back would feel so good, I don't have problems with it, but it is ALWAYS tight and sore sometimes, but after my full body massage, it felt great! I WILL be back - and I can't wait!! 
 I may have found a new addiction" - James

"I have been a long time client of Ricardo's from the days when he was at The Knot Stop in Hillcrest. Since opening his new practice,  I have continued as a long term customer of 5+ years.
"I have been a massage junkie for years now and this is seriously the best of the best as far as I am concerned... and I have had massages at some fancy schmancy spas for a lot more money that don't even compare. The pricing is reasonable, the space is private and serene, good music and the bodywork is amazing.

"I have a tendency of pulling muscles and pinching nerves due to poor sleeping patterns and I would rather go see Ricardo than a physician. He always manages to get to the source of the problem and the pain/tension relief is almost immediate every time. Based on the services I have received, he is incredibly knowledgeable at what he does, is very well trained in a wide array of massage styles. It also helps he is trained in Pilates and martial arts so he has a vast understanding of how muscles work and how easily they can become injured. Truth be told I have always walked out of there a happy camper, relaxed and relieved. This one is not a lotion rubber... this is serious bodywork for people who use massage as a form of therapy more than just a way to relax.

I cannot speak highly of or recommend him enough. Life changing massage work for sure." -

"Wow! Epic massage from Ricardo de la Torre of Ricardo's Massage and Bodywork! It was obvious through his touch that his hands were adept listeners, that he had extensive structural knowledge of the body, and that he could meet me at the level of energetic connection I require from my massage therapists. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!" -- Kelle

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